Remember when Neill Blomkamp was the next big thing in sci-fi filmmaking? After the impressive District 9, Blomkamp had the world at his feet yet he's a name we've heard nowhere near enough of in the past decade. Chappie and Elysium were nothing to shout home about but Blomkamp is back with Demonic, a horror film that strays away from his comfort zone.

A young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed.

Demonic is a classic case of an interesting premise that just doesn't translate well enough from script to screen, Neill Blomkamp's writing and directing feeling rather half-baked throughout. Compared to other recent horrors that have dealt with relationships between mothers and daughters, Relic being the prime example here, Demonic barely scratches beneath the surface. 

The film isn't scary enough either, darkness and loud noises utilised but not in the best manner. I was expecting something really creepy to get under my skin but it just never happened, which is a shame as I was really rooting for Blomkamp here.

Coming to the performances, Demonic possesses a bit of a saving grace with a decent turn from Carly Pope as Carly. Her performance kept me invested in the film's outcome, even if it did end up being lacklustre. The supporting cast serve their purpose however, there is nothing extraordinary on show to make you think of the film as truly compelling.

While it's great to see Neill Blomkamp back making feature films, it's a real shame there seems to be a downward trajectory in the quality of his films since District 9. It's a case of should have and probably could have been better with Demonic



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