It's great to see the action genre absolutely thriving right now, filmmakers pushing it to the absolute limit when it comes to what actors and stunt crews are capable of, delivering high-octane action to audiences around the world. Boy Kills World manages to fit an obscure plot device together with bone-crunching action, and the results are spectacular!

Boy (Bill Skarsgård), a deaf person with a vibrant imagination, is trained by a mysterious shaman to become an instrument of death after his family is murdered.
The major talking point in Boy Kills World, and one that will surely be the most divisive aspect of the film, is the use of a voice-over that acts as Boy's inner-voice when he goes on his mission fuelled by revenge. It's easy to see how grating this could become but personally, it adds a new element to what could have become a run-of-the-mill action affair, providing plenty of absurd humour to proceedings. There's more emotional moments too when the inner-voice isn't used and it's incredibly effective, Skarsgård emphasising the pain felt in Boy through his expressive face.

There's a fun nature to the action sequences, possessing a kinetic energy that flows through the veins of the film. Peter Matjasko's inventive and intense cinematography really drives this home, every punch and kick felt as Boy works his way to revenge. They're not always fun mind, the final fight sequence going all out to bring the house down with some incredible fight choreography and stakes raised to new heights. It's a suitably thrilling conclusion to a film that truly delivers when it comes to pulsating action sequences. If you've seen The Raid, you'll know what I mean when I say it reminded of the final fight in that film, a compliment of the highest order.
Coming to the performances, Boy Kills World works wonders thanks to the unique combination of Bill Skarsgård's physically emotive performance and H Jon. Benjamin's distinctive voice work. Skarsgård's Boy might not be able to talk but he more than makes up for it with his physicality, the actor fully committed to delivering on all fronts for the character. The rest of the cast play their part in making this such an entertaining ride too; Jessica Rothe proving she simply needs to be in more films with a charismatic turn, Michelle Dockery delightfully unhinged in a villainous role, and Yayan Ruhian as formidable as he was in The Raid.

Boy Kills World is a deliriously entertaining action romp, packed full of insane action sequences and performances that match the tone of the film perfectly, so embrace the chaos. That finale is one of those moments where you just sit back in awe at what you are witnessing.

Verdict: ★★★★


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