Review - Monsters University

Animated films have it tough when it comes to pleasing the audience. They are almost guaranteed to be a hit with the kids but they also have the adults to keep in mind. In that case, thank goodness for Pixar.

Pixar are capable of making films that will, more often than not, entertain the adults as much as the kids and with Monsters University they have struck gold yet again.

The prequel to the universally adored Monsters, Inc. was always going to do well at the box-office and Pixar could have easily rushed the film and got it wrong but they didn't. They have produced a film that, though not as good as the original, keeps up the high standards that are usually associated with Pixar. 

Monsters University introduces us to Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James "Sulley" Sullivan (John Goodman) before their working days at Monsters Inc. and more importantly, before they were best friends. 

Both set their sights on becoming scarers at Monsters Inc. by enrolling in Monsters University's 'Scarer Program'. Here they must impress Dean Abigail Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren) and prove that they have a future as a scarer. 

Mike and Sulley take an instant dislike to each other and it is not long before they are both thrown out of the 'Scarer Program'. Mike finds a way that they can get back on the program but the trouble is that they have to work together to make it happen.

Mike and Sulley along with a group of misfits enter the Scare Games, a competition to challenge wannabe scarers. No one gives them a chance and it is up to them to try and prove everybody wrong.

As with many Pixar films, there is plenty of comedy. However, the comedy does not just appeal to kids. There are jokes and references that adults will appreciate, making sure they are kept just as entertained as the kids. I mean the adults were laughing more than the kids at my screening.

What sets Pixar apart from other animation studios is the emotional side to their films. They aren't afraid to show it and good for them as it is the emotion within that makes their films so engaging. We have seen this before in the Toy Story films, Up and Finding Nemo and I am sure we will see more of it in the future

Monsters University goes a long way in strengthening Pixar's grip on the crown for kings of animated films. Pixar have already shown they can keep things fresh when revisiting characters with the Toy Story films and this effort and with Finding Dory expected in 2015, don't expect that crown to slip off anytime soon.

Verdict: 4/5


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