2016 is done and dusted, and it certainly had its ups and downs. Despite some people acting as if 2016 was the death of cinema, I genuinely feel it was another great year for film, if you looked in the right places. As always though, there were a handful of films released that just downright terrible and I'm here to bring my personal pick of the ten worst films released in the UK in 2016. 

Before I get going, here are a few dishonourable mentions that have luckily escaped the top ten:

Point Break
The Boy
Independence Day: Resurgence
True Memoirs of an International Assassin
Dad's Army
Bad Santa 2
Angry Birds
The Late Bloomer

That's not what you're here for though so let the games begin...

10) Gods of Egypt

Now, the only reason Gods of Egypt is so low down in this list is simply because I had so much fun watching it. I mean, it's utterly terrible but the cast hamming it up and the overblown special effects make it a hilarious watch. If this wasn't the case, it would most definitely be challenging for the top spot.

9) Brotherhood

Noel Clarke brought his hard-hitting trilogy to an embarrassingly laughable end with Brotherhood. After liking the first two films I can only describe this as a let down and it turns out the Pogba video he made in the summer is not the most embarrassing thing Stormzy did in 2016.

8) The Do-Over

It seems that nowadays it's impossible to have a worst films of the year list without an Adam Sandler film making an appearance. Last year I had three of his films on my list but this year it's just the one, and a pretty awful one at that. The Do-Over is the second Sandler film released by Netflix and it's safe to say it's been two stinkers in a row. The most worrying thing is that there is still two more to come.

7) Mother's Day

The picture above actually sums up the borefest that is Mother's Day rather well so I will just leave it at that.

6) The Boss

I loved Melissa McCarthy when I first saw her in Bridesmaids but now every time she has a film coming out, the thought of it just makes me shudder. The Boss is arguably her worst film yet, and that's me saying this having seen both Tammy and Identity Thief.

5) Alice Through the Looking Glass

After the first film made an inexcusable amount of money at the box-office, I'm glad this sequel of complete nothingness made considerably less. There is absolutely nothing to it at all, becoming more irritating as it goes on with its terrible characters and overly bright colours and CGI.

4) Dirty Grandpa

I actually hate talking about this film because it just saddens me to see the great Robert De Niro sink to an all time low. Dirty Grandpa is a comedy void of any laughs or charisma from both De Niro and Zac Efron, totally wasting the potential a story like this with two leads like this could have had. Thanks to Dirty Grandpa, I've now seen De Niro toss himself off, which is something I never really wanted to see.

3) Fifty Shades of Black 

Marlon Wayans has made a career from spoofing various films, with the only good one I've seen him in being Scary Movie. Fifty Shades of Grey is a pretty easy target for a spoof however, when you release a film that is actually worse than the source material, you know you're in trouble. Fifty Shades of Black is exactly that, worse than Fifty Shades of Grey.

2) Norm of the North 

Norm of the North is an animated film totally missing a heart and soul. This film is badly animated, has no sense of fun and performed by a cast who sound like they're putting no effort in. It ends with the titular polar bear twerking in celebration, having achieved what he set out to do at the start, which I have no actual idea of what it was as I couldn't give a fuck. Just like the people who made this atrocity.

1) Nine Lives 

Films about terrible people who have their personalities transferred to an animal so they can see how bad a person they are normally don't end up being very good, and Nine Lives really is no exception. To think Kevin Spacey willingly signed on to star in this is just baffling, either he must have demanded being paid 99% of the film's budget or he had a gun held to his head. The film is just awful and the CGI cat looks as good as Scooby-Doo in those live action films from the early 2000s, which is not great. 


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