It's been seven years since Men in Black 3 closed out a trilogy of varying quality so I am quite surprised it has taken until now for Hollywood to try and get more money out of a flagging franchise. Men in Black: International treads familiar territory to its predecessors but with the duo of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson at its disposal, a new dynamic has been called upon to drive it forward.

Having faced many enemies from outer space, the Men in Black face their biggest threat to date: an enemy from within the organisation itself.
It pains me to say that Men in Black: International is the least fun I've had in a cinema all year and, considering this is a very silly franchise featuring very likeable actors, I find it astonishing that a film as bad as this is the end product. You don't go into a Men in Black film expecting the best film ever however, you do expect to be entertained and there just wasn't anything here that set the film alight.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson showed everyone they work well together before in Thor: Ragnarok but even they couldn't save this from becoming a complete and utter mess. The chemistry shows signs of working but then they're let down by an utterly abysmal screenplay full of questionable dialogue and inane jokes, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway the culprits in this case.

The visual effects are undoubtedly impressive however, when they aren't applied to deserving sequences, it almost nullifies them totally. It just all feels very generic when there was a chance to create a whole new dynamic moving forward for the franchise. 

Men in Black: International proves that the majority of summer blockbusters care more about potential memes to be made than the actual quality of film provided to audiences. It's a film that's void of the charm and charisma that the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starring original was laced with. What a shame.



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