2019 is over and we have now entered a new decade, where hopefully we get a number of masterpieces that have an impact on the world of cinema. The 2010s was full of great films but there was also the films that made us wish the filmmakers involved had taken a second to stop and think about what they were doing. Unfortunately, 2019 had a few shockers along the way to close the decade but before I get to the ten worst of the year, here are some dishonourable mentions...

American Son
Men In Black: International
Velvet Buzzsaw

Enough with that, let's get on with it...

10) Shaft

They tried to bring Shaft into a new generation but boy did they fail. It's utterly misguided and even Samuel L Jackson cannot save it from becoming unbearable.

9) Once Upon a Time in London

Don't panic, Quentin Tarantino's film was never going to be on this list. Instead, here's a film about a bunch of wankers smacking each other for 110 minutes.

8) The Knight Before Christmas

Fuck me! A cheesy Christmas film is normally not a bad thing but this took the absolute piss with an awful plot and terrible acting.

7) Secret Obsession

Avoid at all costs, or just watch the trailer because that gives everything away anyways. Not quite a secret obsession then.

6) The Fanatic

Remember when critics thought Joker was a dangerous film? They clearly haven't seen The Fanatic.

5) Wounds

Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson were both surprisingly boring in this extremely ridiculous and utterly boring film.

4) Sextuplets

Marlon Wayans tried to do what Eddie Murphy did with The Nutty Professor but fails miserably in an insultingly unfunny comedy from Netflix.

3) IO 

Nothing, and I literally mean nothing, happens in this film.

2) The Queen's Corgi 

Where to begin? An animated Donald Trump saying "Grab some puppies" and Trump's dog literally trying to sexually assault the Queen's dog are just the tip of the iceberg for this monstrosity. Everything else about it is pretty awful too.

1) The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Whoever concocted this shameful film should never be allowed to work again. An insult to those murdered on that horrific night back in 1969.


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