Everyone at some point in their life feels that they aren't part of a normal family, whether it be as a result of how you were raised or growing apart as life goes on. I doubt anyone out there would be able to claim being part of such an oddball family as in Miranda July's Kajillionaire, a quirky crime comedy that I typically love getting stuck into.

Old Dolio Dyne's (Evan Rachel Wood) life is turned upside down when her parents (Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger) invite outsider, Melanie (Gina Rodriguez), to join them on a major heist they're planning.
Kajillionaire opens in such intriguing fashion and maintains a sense of obscurity throughout that I certainly didn't fully connect with but found myself drawn to the deft character work from Miranda July and the film being rather striking visually. July's writing really does capture the desperation of this family and how the constant hustling and new arrival has driven a wedge right through the unnatural bond these parents share with their daughter, the comedy subtle in its execution and suiting the film to a tee.

The performances in Kajillionaire are brilliantly nuanced and not so in your face with the obscurity to put people off. They are a weird bunch but the performances from Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger as the parents are really good as their grip on the control of their daughter's life slips away. It's Evan Rachel Wood that really stands out here though, the introduction of Melanie into her life throwing her into an existential crisis that Wood throws herself into fabulously, heartbreaking as it is captivating.

Miranda July's Kajillionaire may not make a lot of noise to grab your attention but it's a film that deserves to be sought out, July's filmmaking and the performances leading it to become one of my favourites of the year.

Verdict: ★★★


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