The Christmas film. They are something even the biggest Scrooge will find time to indulge in over the festive period. There's been some absolute classics over the years but then there's also been some particularly bad ones that bring with them copious amounts of cheese to proceedings. Ryan Hendrick's Lost at Christmas is the latest in a long line of festive films however, it's not quite the conventional Christmas film you'd be used to seeing.

When Rob (Kenny Boyle) and Jen (Natalie Clark) find themselves stranded in the Scottish Highlands on Christmas Eve, the two strangers team up to try and get home in time for Christmas.

Of course Lost at Christmas doesn't come without any tropes of a Christmas film, the two strangers just happening to meet right after having their hearts broken being one of the main ones, it soon becomes apparent that this isn't exactly going to be the feel-good film for the festive season you might expect. It's something that I have to applaud Lost at Christmas for, not taking the happy-clappy route to festive happiness however, it ultimately feels rather much like wasted potential when the film reaches its climax.

The Scottish Highlands make for a great backdrop to this story and they do look incredible through some of the cinematography that emphasises just how lost the two main characters are, but I didn't feel as if there was enough substance to the screenplay, particularly when they reach the hotel they have no choice but to rest up in until the bad weather passes.

It isn't helped by the lack of chemistry between the two leads. Kenny Boyle and Natalie Clark both give decent enough performances it's just the relationship they build over the course of their adventure together just doesn't feel believable. I get that they're in bad places romantically but the relationship just never feels earnt by the end of the film. There's a few notable faces throughout, Sylvester McCoy being the most high profile, but there's not really much for them to do, save for a moment McCoy and Clark share which is actually one of the best moments of the film.

Lost at Christmas is certainly a Christmas film that tries to do things a little bit differently to others and while it may not become a future classic, there will be people out there who find comfort in it this festive season. It won't be one I watch annually though.

Verdict: ★★


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