If there was any actor in the world you'd put good money on being able carry a film as the only human character throughout, Tom Hanks would be very high on most people's lists. In Finch, the latest Apple original film, he faces the effects of global warming with his trusty canine partner and a new android companion, built for much more than just helping him with the heavy lifting.

On a post-apocalyptic earth, a robot, built to protect the life of his creator's beloved dog, learns about life, love, friendship and what it means to be human.
Finch is a wonderfully crafted and heart-warming sci-fi film from Miguel Sapochnik, its narrative not being the most original put there however, it's the care and effort that goes into bringing it to life that makes it such a film to connect with. Craig Luck and Ivor Powell's writing is so sincere as Finch teaches the robot he created the most important things about life, from earning trust through to listening closely in a world with danger right round the corner. 

The visual effects here are exceptionally good, Jeff (the robot) being a wonderful creation for the film and the adventure he joins Finch and his canine partner on. For a character that just has cameras for eyes you sure do get a lot of emotion from him, testament to the screenplay for introducing such an empathic character. 

Tom Hanks is as dependable as ever in the titular role of Finch, his eyes being one of his best assets as an actor, able to evoke such a range of emotion in a film that demands it. Caleb Landry Jones is great as Jeff, hilarious I know, his voice work standing out as he delivers plenty of laughs and moments of sweet curiousness that make it hard to not like him. 

While it doesn't do much we haven't seen before, Finch proves that if a film of this ilk is done well and with care, they can still be a worthwhile watch, Tom Hanks and his robotic creation becoming a delightful and winning combination.



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