Folk horror is a side of the genre that, if done well, can provide some truly disturbing content. Robert Eggers' The Witch is a prime example of this in recent years. The Last Thing Mary Saw takes a stab at being another horror to do so but leaves a fair bit to be desired. 

Winter, 1843. A young woman is under investigation following the mysterious death of her family's matriarch. Her recollection of the events sheds new light on the ageless forces behind the tragedy.
The Last Thing Mary Saw wastes no time in settling its audience right into the foreboding atmosphere that never lets up throughout. The natural lighting utilised for the 1843 setting builds up a sense of dread and fear as more is revealed in the film with the production design really standing out as one of the film's biggest strengths. 

Edoardo Vitaletti directs the film with confidence and as much as you can admire the atmosphere created, there doesn't feel much else to be going on in the film. It's sold as a horror film but it doesn't feel scary or truly disturbing in the slightest, making it quite an underwhelming experience. 

The Last Thing Mary Saw possesses some decent performances, Isabelle Fuhrman in particular showcasing after Orphan why the horror genre is perfect for her. The relationship she shares with Stefanie Scott is the real driving force of the film and they both deliver in that aspect, making it feel more believable. 

While I didn't love The Last Thing Mary Saw, I can appreciate what they were going for even if the execution wasn't right in all departments. Ultimately it all feels rather forgettable. 

Verdict: ½


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