It's quite a common thing to hear former footballers give advice to other players to keep themselves busy when they've retired. For so many years, they live and breathe the game, so suddenly being without it might come as something of a shock. Peter Crouch has certainly kept himself busy since retiring from the game, and That Peter Crouch Film takes a look at the life and career of one of the most unconventional footballers the game has ever seen.

Being a QPR fan, I've always felt an affinity towards Peter Crouch and kept an eye on his career. He was the striker at the club back when I first stared going to watch them in the early 2000s and actually presented him with the player of the season award on the final home game of the season. Enough about me though.

Crouch is one of the most likeable personalities in the game, using his unconventional appearance as a player to his advantage both in his career in the game and now outside of it. He's not one afraid to take the piss out of himself, once claiming he'd still be a virgin if he never made it as a footballer. This documentary does a good job in showcasing just how hard it can be to win the fans over if you don't look like your standard footballer. Interviews with the likes of Luke Chadwick in a segment highlight the harshness of the terraces so thick skin is definitely required. If you've seen Ted Lasso, sadly you'll know that isn't what the game and its fans are like at all.

Since retiring from the game, Crouch now works as a pundit and fronts his own successful podcast, That Peter Crouch Podcast, both giving his playful personality the chance to shine through. To make it in football you have to put in the hard work, Crouch more than others with his physical stature. He says himself he never thought he'd have the glittering career he did, playing in cup finals, the Champions League and even the World Cup with England. So seeing him relaxed now able to look back on a successful career with a smile is infectious.

Interviews with family members and former teammates ensure we get to know Crouch's character even more and while this documentary doesn't look to provide any groundbreaking information, it does a great job in taking an entertaining look at a player who has now become an all-round entertainer. Get me to the next Crouchfest!!

Verdict: ★★★★


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