It always intrigues me coming across a film directed by someone you really wouldn't expect it to be. That was most definitely the case with Outpost, which is directed by Joe Lo Truglio, best known for playing the small in stature but big hearted Charles Boyle in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

After a violent attack, Kate (Beth Dover) searches for strength in the solitude of a lookout job, but is overwhelmed by something darker. 

Outpost is a psychological thriller that Lo Truglio at least ensures manages to keep the audience invested in proceedings. It's one of those films that you can telegraph what will happen rather easily so how the film gets to that point is more important than ever. In that aspect, Outpost approaches its narrative boldly, giving its closing moments much more of an impact.
While the film is an intriguing prospect, it never really explores themes beyond the surface level. Yes, the closing moments have a bit of an impact but there's nothing much behind it all as the writing is a bit thin.

Beth Dover leads the film with a truly committed performance as Kate but there are some sequences where the editing doesn't help her at all, feeling stunted in the process. She does a lot of heavy lifting in the film though, the supporting cast not really doing much to make the film stand-out. Memorable supporting characters are what makes films like this live much longer in the memory.

As a debut feature film for Joe Lo Truglio, Outpost is far from unwatchable but leaves a fair bit to be desired when trying to tell a story that could have really resonated with its audience. As an avid Charles Boyle fan, I'll certainly be looking out for what Lo Truglio does next behind the camera.

Verdict: ★★


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